Q is a poet and performance artist currently living and working on the traditional unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-waututh, and Squamish nations (CKA Vancouver). Their art features cripple politics, radical self acceptance and love, and relearning the process of dying beyond the platitudes Eurocentric societies offer.

They loathe writing bios, their most recent simply stating their belief that buying IKEA furniture is the epitome of adulthood – something they still hold to be true – and feel that their art and work sit for themselves, as standing is often far too taxing.

[ID: a blurry pic of Q holding their phone, with EKG leads visible across their stomach/tummy/abdomen/midriff/word that doesn’t make them feel weird; Q is wearing grey jeans and a turquoise sports bra looking down at their left hip. Light streaming in from window on the left.]

April 26th: The Body Is Not An Apology