Vancouver Film School
VFS Café, 392 West Hastings Street

Many 2024 Hullabaloo events will be hosted at the Vancouver Film School.

Performance Works
1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver

There is an accessibility audit available from the PuSh Festival of Performance works that was completed in 2015.

Accessibility Audit: Performance Works


1882 Adanac Street
604) 254-5858


Read the full RAMP audit
The WISE Club is located in a residential neighbourhood, kindly respect the club and our neighbours by smoking in the designated areas & keeping voices down while outside.

You’ll note on arrival a set of 10 railed stairs leading into the Hall. The wheelchair accessible entrance is around back. For this event there will be someone posted at the back door throughout the event.

Once inside, you’ll find a spacious wood floored hall, open concept, tables and chairs set up throughout. The stage (accessible only via stairs) is to your left, and the washrooms towards the back of the hall. The washrooms are currently gendered, but will be marked “gender neutral” for Verses. There are two sets of washrooms. The one to the right of the car, currently mark “women” is wheelchair accessible with no urinals and one additional stall. The one to the left of the bar, currently mark “men”, is on the same level and is now wheelchair accessible, with 2 urinals and one wheelchair access stall and one non-wheelchair access stall. The door has been adjusted to more easily fit wheelchair/scooter users. Overall the space is great.

Saturday, April 27 events will be hosted at this venue. At these events, we will require staff, audience and artists will be masked except when eating, drinking or speaking on the mic.

Grandview-Woodlands Community Place also referred to as the Canucks Family Education Centre

1655 William Street

The Grandview-Woodlands Community Place entrance is directly beside the chidren’s play area in Grandview Park. The closest street access is at the corner of Commercial Street and William Street. From that corner travel west, beside the park to the building with the red awning. The meeting will be held upstairs. There is an elevator to the second floor on the right as you enter the building. The elevator opens into the meeting room on the second floor.

Pictures of the walk towards the building and the entrance.

The Cultch

C-Lab: 1895 Venables Street
Cultch Historic: 1895 Venables Street
The York Theatre: 639 Commercial Drive

For access information:
Patron Development Manager
Box Office 604-251-1363.

Vancouver Public Library

The VPL Central Branch has elevators to reach the downstairs rooms where the Hullabaloo events are being held. There are wheelchair accessible bathrooms. For more details, refer to their list of facilities (

This event is a scent-reduced space. To assist us in our goal of increased access, please be aware of our attempt to reduce the impact of personal scented products (perfumes, scented oils, etc) in our festival spaces.


Roundhouse Community and Arts Recreation Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews
604.713.1800 (press 1)

Parking and Transit Information

PuSH Festival accessibility audit  of the Roundhouse.

Simon Fraser Woodward Campus, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 West Hastings Street
Djavad Mowafaghian World Art Centre

Visitor Services and Accessibilty

accessibility audit

The Post at 750
110-750 Hamilton Street

Next Door
1638 Venables Street

Front Entrance

  • The front doorway is 28.5” wide and has no automatic door button
  • There are three interior stairs from the front door to get to the event space
    • There is currently no ramp, but there is a handrail along the stairs

Bathroom access

  • Are there stairs to get to the bathroom? How many? Is there a handrail?
    • Other than the three stairs at the front door, there are no stairs in the venue. 

Bathroom measurements

  • There are two bathrooms. One door is 33” wide (the bathroom in the foyer), the other is 29.5” wide (beside the bar)
  • There are no automatic buttons to open the bathroom doors. The doors are not weighted, and they swing open and closed well

Wheelchair access to the space

  • The front entrance is not accessible, as there are stairs and no ramp. 
  • The back entrance through the alley does not have stairs, but it does have a hill outside the door (go down to get inside, go up to exit). 
  • The back door is 31” wide
  • There is a locked metal gate blocking access to the venue through the alley, so VPH staff and volunteers will need to be contacted for access through the back entrance

To Contact the Venue
Accessibility: Slice is dedicated to providing a safe and accessible space to all people, free of stigma, inclusive of all persons individual identities and observant of their needs. If you require any accessibility needs in visiting our gallery (such as wheelchair accessible access to the building, measurements for doorways and hallways, an assisted access and guide, accessible parking, etc) please reach us by emailing us at or phoning us at 604.505.9614 and we would be glad to listen to your needs and be able to make sure that your experience at Slice is enjoyable and that you feel supported. Additional booking for accessibility needs allows us to prepare the space and be aware of how we can be better prepared to serve you. As well, we are always happy to hear feedback about how we can better provide our space and services to the community, so feel free to reach out.

Reliance Theater, Emily Carr University

The Reliance Theatre has accessibility parking in the north side of the building, with ramps and double doors. There is wheelchair space on the first floor of the theatre. The University has gender-neutral washrooms on the second floor and wheelchair access stalls on the first and second floor.