Adventures in Poetryland Workshop Series

Join Billie the Kid, Jeremiah Gittens, and Angelic Goldsky as they lead three incredible poetry workshops, all centered around the theme of ‘truth.’


Billie the Kid

That’s me! Virtual Performance and Natural Expression  

How can we be ourselves while writing? How can we be ourselves on a stage? How in the world do we connect with people through a screen? And how do we give ourselves the space to be silly? In this workshop, poets will reflect on how to let their natural voice translate through their writing and their performance, all while navigating the unique aspects of performing on the virtual stage. There will be a short writing exercise, but you are encouraged to bring either short pieces or excerpts of pieces for the performance aspect of the workshop.


Artist Bio

Billie the Kid is a K’ai Taile Dené and Nehiyaw spoken word poet and storyteller. Originally from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, she currently resides in Kingston, Ontario, the traditional home of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Huron-Wendat. Her poetry breathes life into narratives as she explores relationships with family, friends, food, and the dynamic nature of dreams. Billie holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University, and has performed at events across Turtle Island from the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. In 2020 she took second place at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, and later that year she released her second chapbook, ‘Caress me if I’m wrong’.


Jeremiah Gittens

For this workshop, Jeremiah invites participants to explore their internal landscapes, and translate them into this plane of existence so that each poet’s most fundamental truths can be given room to stretch their many limbs and bask in the light. Embodying a multiply-marginalized identity, Jeremiah recognizes precisely how necessary, transformational, and healing it is to speak truth to the future and present reality of worlds where we are able to be fully seen, and fully cherished in all our absurd loveliness, outside the limits of colonial and capitalist narratives. They hope this workshop offers respite, joy, and inspiration for the new realities we will continue to build as the old world dies.


Artist Bio

Jeremiah is a multidisciplinary visual and performance artist. They are a settler born and raised on Lekwungen territories, and have spent the last three years in Tiohti:áke. Jeremiah is mixed race of celtic and afro-caribbean descent, trans-masculine, neurodivergent, and disabled. They use their art and poetry to build worlds in which space is offered to explore the depths and nuances of the intersections that comprise personal identity. Jeremiah believes art is an alchemical process which allows one to transmute their deepest anguishes and turmoils into fertile ground upon which the seeds of our most expansive desires can be planted. Having performed both nationally and internationally over the last 10 years, Jeremiah is thrilled to return to the Hullabaloo stage and contribute to a festival that was a formative experience for them as a young poet.

Angelic Goldsky

clear the headlights free the deer & start again

What can we learn from how deers release their fear after confronting headlights?  How can we shake ourselves back into a state of peace through poetry? Join Hullaballoo alumni Angelic [t(he)y] in some deep inner clown excavation and release all centred around the voice and movement. Recognize and jiggle out your current creative (and other) blocks, excavate your purpose-fear poem and free the words that were not safe to say. In this workshop we will use our voice, movement and poems as a process to create rebirth, incantation and magical spells.  


Artist Bio

Angelic Goldsky [t(he?)y] is a poet. & a poetry educator-excavator, queer arts expressions facilitator, clown-alchemist, multiverse eater, gender binary abolitionist, celebration producer, media studier, magical historian, jewish-russian-queer-trans-zakaznik (breath) who hates taxidermies and loves timelessness.