Call for Volunteers!

VanSlam is finally coming back to audiences in person with our upcoming Legends Slam on November 18th at the Cultch!

We are seeking volunteers to help make this event possible. If you are passionate about poetry and want to be involved in the Slam community, we want to hear from you!


Front of House/ Doors: 

  • Must be comfortable dealing with cash/ card transactions. Responsibilities include taking cash and or card payments, greeting audiences and taking audience counts, making change, and assisting in audience management.

Time Keeper:

  • Responsibilities include keeping track of how long a poet is on stage (stopwatch provided) to ensure poets do not go over time. 

Score Keeper:

  • Responsibilities include keeping record of all judges’ scores for each poet/ round, and totaling up points form judges to determine our winner.


Volunteers will receive free tickets to 2022 Verses Festival of Words events as compensation for their time.

To apply, email Volunteer Coordinator Alexandra Caprara at with a brief paragraph introducing you and your qualifications, as well as which position(s) you’re interested in volunteering for. Thank you.