Mariam Zohra

Mariam Zohra is a poet, vocalist, and a multi-disciplinary artist combining music, video, drama, painting and poetry. Her first album, a collaboration with Unearth Noise called ‘Dreamspeak’ was launched by Amsterdam’s Lullabies for Insomniacs in autumn 2018. She shares her songs via Soundcloud, and a collection of her poems, lyrics and drawings is published in ‘These Tales Are True’ (Purple Poppy Press 2016). Her poems also appeared in ‘Saving Seeds'(Ed. Valerie B.-Taylor, NWW 2014). She studied Philosophy and Creative Writing at Douglas College. Mariam published her first collection of poetry ‘Not to Understand’ in Toronto in 1990 when she was 14. Later, some of her poems appeared in Toronto’s Feminist Quarterly Fireweed, and in ‘Transitions’ a textbook anthology produced for Grade 10 students by Peel Board of Education. She also worked with Theatre In The Rough, a youth drama collective in Toronto. Mariam is a founding member and the President of Surrey Muse, she also serves as its Graphic Designer.


Surrey Muse and Open Mic, May 3