Deirdre Lee

Deirdre Lee is a fluid, fierce, eclectic, empathic healer whose process is poetry. She specializes in owning her words, and the stage; tenderly telling difficult truths and bringing the audience back home.

Current captain of the Halifax Slam Team, some of her recent appearances include Word On the Street and the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

Her chapbook, Wolves With Wi-Fi, will be available this Spring. An unofficial, unconventional Auntie, Deirdre keeps her medicines close & currently makes her home in K’jipuktuk in the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

April 22nd: Jangle & Shout: HullaVerses Remixer 2 pm Wise Hall
April 25th: Mashed Poetics 9:30 pm Wise Hall
April 28th: Word Circus 3 pm Havana Theatre