LAST CHANCE Vancouver Women’s Poetry Slam (January 11th)

So! A new qualifying season is underway to determine which 5 poets will have a chance to become the next Vancouver Poetry Slam Team.

It’s crucial to understand the points system. You can read about how it works for qualifying for Team Playoffs here:

And about how it works for qualifying for WOWPS Playoffs here:

The points system should become clear very quickly as the season progresses and we start posting results. With that in mind, here are the results from this week’s slam.

After the poet’s name is the order that they performed in the first round, then their first round score. After that is the position they performed in the second round (if they made the cut) and their second round score, followed by their total score for the evening.

Tonight was the Last Chance Slam meaning the winner gets automatic entry into the playoffs on Wednesday the 13th in the Vancouver Women’s Poetry Slam Championships. But since it’s only open to women and non-binary folks, it’s not a point-scoring slam. Winner take all.

Here are the scores.

Jan 11th

Sac: Jillian Christmas 26.5
Julie B (1) 19.3
Megan Hooge (2) 23.8
Shawn Rath (3) 22.7
Charlie Ray (4) 21.5
Nora Nathoo (5) 24.0
Leslie Stark (6) 25.6 + (5) 26.6 = 52.2 Fourth!
Nyla (7) 26.2 + (1) 27.3 = 53.5 Second!
Ivana (8 ) 24.0
Spillious (9) 26.8 + (3) 27.6 = 54.4 First!
Katrina (10) 24.5
Quaint (11) 25.9 + (2) 26.8 = 52.7 Third!
Pamela B (12) 26.0 + (4) 24.6 = 50.6 Fifth!

Congratulation so Spillious, the winner of our Women’s Poetry Slam Last Chance Slam!