2015/2016 Youth Slam Standings

The latest results following the January 25th youth slam have been updated. The top 8 scoring poets make it into the youth slam finals on March 28th at the WISE Hall. To qualify for the playoffs you MUST SLAM/COMPETE AT LEAST TWICE during the season (July 2015-Feb 2016) and you CANNOT be turning 21 before Sept 1st.

Each month poets between 13-20 years of age get together to compete for points to qualify for those playoffs. Generally we have 12 poets in the first round and the top 5 scoring poets in the 2nd round. Sometimes there are ties and we have more than 5.

The points awarded go like this…16 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd, 5 points for 3rd, 3 points for 4th and 1 point for 5th or 6th if we had a tie. In the past the top 8 scoring poets make the playoffs. It will probably stay that way for the 2016 playoffs. The top 4 poets make the team. As of right now the 2016 is planning on heading to Toronto in August of 2016 to participate in YouthCanSlam the National Youth Slam Championships. Poets making the team will be required to commit to taking paring in regular rehearsals prior to the August event.

To be eligible to make playoffs you have to slam/compete at least TWICE during the regular youth slam season and you CANNOT be turning 20 years of age BEFORE Sept 1st, 2016.

Included are the top 5 poets from each month and our final totals so far.

July 2015

1st–Jacob Gebrewold–16 points
2nd–Angelica Poversky–09 points
3rd–Nicola–05 points
4th–Stacey Chen–03 points
5th–Lois Arop–01 points

August 2015

1st–Jacob Gebrewold–16 points
2nd–Martina Dansereau–09 points
3rd–Santiago Urena–05 points
4th–Sajeedah Zaki–03 points
5th–Jessica Jiang–01 points

September 2015

1st–Everett Montinola–16 points
2nd–Andrew Warner–09 points
2nd–Santiago Urena–09 points (tie between Andrew and Santiago)
4th–Siling Zhang–03 points
5th–Nicola–01 points

October 2015

1st–Nicola–16 points
2nd–Everett Montinola–09 points
3rd–Emma Field–05 points
4th–Natalie Zakon–03 points
5th–Jamie Fajber–01 points

November 2015

1st–Andrew Warner–16 points
2nd–Nel Dumbrille–09 points
3rd–Nicolda Durrant–05 points
4th–Vienna Claire Jeffery–03 points
5th–Santiago Urena–01 point

December 2015

1st–Santiago Urena 16 points
2nd–Kaitlin Akow 09 points
3rd–Emma Field 05 points
4th–Angelica Poversky 03 points
5th–Quaint 01 point
6th–Charlie Jacques 01 point

January 25/2016

1st–Martina Dansereux–16 points
1st–Vienna Claire Jeffery 16 points (we had a tie)
3rd–Emma Field–5 points
4th–Ana Monfared–3 points
5th–Eli Lucero–1 point

Overall Totals so far (* indicates poets who have competed at least twice already in the season.)

01st–32 points Jacob Gebrewold *
02nd–31 points Santiago Urena *
03rd–27 points Nicola Durrant*
04th–25 points Andrew Warner *
04th–25 points Everett Montinola *
04th–25 points Martina Dansereaux
07th–19 pointa Vienna Claire Jeffery *
08th–15 points Emma Field *
09th–12 points Angelica Poversky *
10th–09 points Kaitlin Akow
10th–09 points Nel Dumbrille
12th–03 points Stacey Chen *
12th–03 points Ana Monfared
12th–03 points Sajeedah Zaki
12th–03 points Siling Zhang
12th–03 points Natalie Zakon
17th–01 point Quaint *
17th–01 point Eli Lucero
17th–01 point Jessica Jiang
17th–01 point Jamie Fajber
17th–01 point Charlie Jacques

Once again you need to compete TWICE during the regular season to qualify for the playoffs. Top 8 poets barring a tie for 8th make the finals show.