What the heck is happening at VanSlam? October 2018

Lots of stuff is happening this month with VanSlam.
We’ve just had a 10-year slamaversary show for Johnny MacRae hosted by Lucia. Where Jessie Fenton came in first place in the slam winning 16 points towards team playoffs (in April), and 11 points for our woman playoffs (in January).

This week (Oct 8th) we have Lip Balm featuring, hosted by Johnny Trinh. Savannah on the 15th, Lisa Slater on October 22nd for the youth slam, and Ann-Bernice Thomas for the 29th.

Last week, October 1st the board announced a way to file and address complaints, you can find this process here.

Hal has also been working to make signing up for volunteer shifts easier. There will now be a volunteer sign up sheet at each slam for the following week. There is also a google doc that you can find linked here. If you have any questions please contact Hal.

From October 10-13 Jenifer Williams will be representing Vancouver Poetry Slam at the Individual World Poetry Slam (iwps) in San Diego. In her first bout, she will be facing VanSlam team member and our 2018 individual playoffs champion Kay Kassirer.

At the end of VanSlams 2018 individual playoffs held on September 3rd, Kay Kassirer came in 1st and Jenifer Williams came in 2nd. Kay, gave the trip and representation of the Vancouver Poetry Slam at iwps to Jenifer. Kay will still represent VanSlam at Canadian Individual Poetry Slam (CIPS) in April during Verses

The team is also on their way to a competition this month. Our team came to be, during team finals during Verses Festival of Words 2018 in April. Our team consists of Rabbit Richards, mitcholos touchie, jaye simpson and Kay Kassirer. They will compete at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW) in Guelph, ON, October 29th – 31st.

We will kick off November with the lovely RC Weslowski and his 20 year slamaversary. You won’t want to miss it.




Volunteer Signup Google Doc:

Complaint Process: