VPH has redecorated

Vancouver Poetry House has a new coat of paint. VPH would like to welcome Victoria Haynes as our new Executive Director. Victoria is bursting with ideas and blueprints to help us redecorate both inside and out. Victoria is also adept at climbing ladders and hanging ferns. They also have a great passion for electric garage door openers and will be installing one asap.

Pamela Bentley is the new Managing Director for the Verses Festival of Words working in conjunction with Verses Artistic Director, Jillian Christmas. Pam has been busy shoring up the front porch and installing new gutters. She’s also put in a tire swing out back for when things get a little stressful and folks need to relax. Last year’s Managing Director and Executive Director, Erin-Brooke Kirsh is taking full advantage of the swing.

And finally, Megan Hooge is the new interim VPH President. Past President Andrew Sutherland has a vacation property that he needs to look after and so he’s handed over the keys to Megan. Megan has been busy right off the bat and she’s installed a new eco-friendly driveway suitable for street hockey, roller blading and poetry cyphers. Megan has also helped install a new leak-free roof thanks to some excellent connections with local contractors.

All three are excited to be a part of the VPH team. Please say hello and congratulate accordingly when you see them all out and about the city.