Van Slam Summer Standings 2014 (April 21st)

A new qualifying season is underway to determine which poet will have a chance to become the next Individual World Poetry Slam representative for Vancouver. The IWPS slam off will be in mid-September.

A full explanation of the rules and format of the Van Slam Summer Season can be found here:,1682.msg4547.html

Here are the results from the first qualifying slam.

21 April 2014

Sac: RC Weslowski
Scruffmouth – 1st (16 points)
Johnny Macrae – 3rd (4 points)
Al Mader – 2nd (9 points)
Julie Peters
Big Purr
Duncan Shields

Rachel Carrier
Darry Danzig

Updated Standings for the 2013 IWPS Play-offs
The top 10 poets qualify for finals.

1. Sir Realist 16 points
1. Scruffmouth 16 points

2. Alessandra Naccarato 9 points
2. Al Mader 9 points

3. Johnny Macrae 8 points