Slam Master Job Posting

Duncan Shields, the current Slam Master, has been a long-serving fantastic program director who has brought success and stability to Vancouver Poetry Slam. After many years in this position, Duncan is stepping down. We are incredibly sad to see him leave and are seeking a new, talented slam master to run Vancouver Poetry Slam. For any new candidate, past leaders, other program heads, board members, and longstanding poets will be around to help with support and advice.

The slam master organizes the local competition, interfaces with the slam venue, invites traveling poets to feature, wrangles the volunteers, buys hotel rooms and plane tickets for the local team and single reps when they travel to other competitions, and is the public face of the slam.

VPH is looking for a passionate candidate with a steady disposition to take over the role. All applicants must have access to a working credit card for expenses.

Duties Include:

  • Liase with Executive Director and other Program Directors as needed.
  • Keep track of deadlines to register the slam, venue, and competitors for national competitions such as CIPS, IWPS, CFSW, WOWPS and NPS. The page of deadlines for the American competitions is here.
  • Co ordinate volunteers & merch for every non-youth slam. There is a facebook page for this purpose. Try to start finding volunteers on the Wednesday before the upcoming slam. Keep track of all volunteers, winners, and each slam’s earned revenue via door and merch sales.
  • Record Scores and update standings and post them on Grab score sheet from every slam and keep it in your files.
  • Film and post the poems on the Vancouver poetry slam youtube channel after adding name and titles and the Van Slam logo. Only post poems of poets that want their work on the channel. Never post without permission and immediately take down any videos that a poet wants removed.
  • Organize and schedule the Van Slam Family Meetings to consult the community on issues that need discussing.

 Qualifications Include:

  • Familiarity with the Vancouver Poetry House community and interest in spoken word.
  • Experience with event planning and project management.
  • Willingness to process input from many sources before making decisions.
  • Web and social media skills are a plus.

This position involves a monthly honorarium.

To apply for this position, send a cover letter and resume to by November 1st, 2015.