Zaccheus Jackson in The Province

As part of his work with the Talking Stick Festival, Zaccheus Jackson was featured in a recent article by Stuart Derdeyn in The Province.

“After an argument with my girl-friend, I was walking off the tension along my neighbourhood of Commercial Drive when I saw a sign that said “Poetry Slam Tonight.” I thought “Well, I write poetry and I’d like to slam something,” so I signed on and went up and did a piece. The rush was better than anything I’d ever encountered. But I was scared stiff, too and kind of glad it was over.”

As it happened, the judges voted him to come back to read two more times that night and he won the evening competition by coming second. It was the elimination round for the wild card member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam Team that was headed down to the U.S.

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Zaccheus performs at Hullabaloo on April 12th, 2012 as part of the second day of preliminary bouts.