June Planning Month at Vancouver Poetry House

We are hosting four conversations at Vancouver Poetry House that will help to set our goals for the coming year. We need your input. If you have comments or concerns and aren’t able to come to a meeting we still want to hear from you. You can reach our Board members at hello@vancouverpoetryhouse.com

Community Support Models, Saturday, June 15, 1-3:30pm – Conversation Host: Frankie McGee

How do we create safer spaces for audiences and poets?

How do we continue to develop our community support model, including active listening, the complaints process, and our code of honour?

How do we improve accessibility within the organization and its programs?

Community Programming Models, Saturday, June 15, 4-6:30pm – Conversation Host: Johnny MacRae

How do we develop models of supporting poets that best reflect our community values?

How do we develop programming that manifests our model of community?

How do we support the community stage? 

Capacity Building, Sunday, June 16, 1-4pm – Conversation Host: Carol Shillibeer

How do we support our growth?

How can we best allocate our human and financial resources?

How do we focus our infrastructure to best support our community and programming goals?

Outreach, Visioning and Development, Saturday, June 29, 4-6:30 – Conversation Host: Sho Wiley

How do we promote and develop spoken word poetry? 

How do we develop our connections to the community, schools and future of oral tradition and orality? 

How do we develop our presence across the province and connection to other festivals?



On weekends and evenings, the 111 West Hastings Building is locked. A board or staff member will be downstairs to let people into the building 15 minutes before the meeting or text Colleen at 778-899-3814 to let you in. There are four, single occupancy, washrooms without gender markings on the fifth floor. Two of these washrooms are wheelchair accessible. There will be light snacks available at the meeting.  You are welcome to bring something to share.