Hot Brown Honey is right

A few months back,  a dynamic show called Hot Brown Honey stopped on tour here in Vancouver. (If you should ever get the chance to attend, by all means, take it.) One of the fundamental principles of the production is a raucous chant: “The revolution cannot happen without childcare!” The Verses Festival team agrees.

Having goals beyond what we want to see for this next upcoming festival is part of a holistic practice of sustainability. The organizing team would like to invite your feedback, thoughts, and ideas for what childcare might look like in the context of Verses Festival of Words in the next 2-3 years. Here are a few questions we’ve thought of, but please feel equally free to send an email in your own syntax.

  • If childcare were made available, would you use it? If so, would you be happier for onsite care or a designated neighbourhood daycare?
  • Is not having childcare a barrier to your attending events?
  • If you are an artist, would an offer of childcare be the difference between your performing at an event and your not performing, or perhaps not even attending?
  • Do you make your own arrangements for childcare, and therefore this is a non-issue for you at all?

Replies will be received at Please use CHILDCARE SURVEY as your subject line.