Honesty, Rigor and Attention in Spoken Word

Join us, in this opportunity to learn with Brandon Wint in his writing workshop, on Sunday, August 18th, 2-4pm | $5/pwyc at the door | 4th floor, 111 West Hastings.  

Through a combination of reading, writing, analysis and communal discussion, this workshop will explore the formal and emotional approaches to writing poetry that is honest, emotionally satisfying, and reflective of human nuance. This workshop is aimed at poets and spoken word artists of all experience levels who are looking for new formal tools, emotional approaches and intellectual lenses through which to unlock and express the inherent poetics of their lives.

Brandon Wint is well known for blending an academically grounded approach to poetry, which he inherited in his several years of study as an Honours English student at Carleton University, with a spiritual-emotional approach. Brandon gives his students the ability to understand the fundamental structure of free verse poetry in a way that is coherent, accessible, and grounded in his own experience. These technical tenets are joined by a strong emphasis on authenticity, sincerity and the exploration of personal narrative. As an arts-educator, Brandon firmly believes that poetry is, ultimately, an act of telling the truth. He helps his students arrive at their personal truths and distill them into evocative, satisfying poetic verse. 

Brandon Wint’s intricately-rendered performance pieces present a passionate, sincere and whimsical version of humanity. His writing, performance, and pedagogical approach all affirm, in their different ways, that there is beauty to be found in the struggle, and solace to be found in sincerity-of-spirit. He is an artist who uses poetry to harness empathy within himself, and have each of his words, deeds, creations and performances reflect that empathy unambiguously. He is a two-time national champion slam poet, a nationally published writer, as well as arts-educator and curator of artistic events.

If you have any questions about this event please contact hello@vancouverpoetryhouse.com




On weekends and evenings, the 111 West Hastings Building is locked. A Vancouver Poetry House staff member will be downstairs to let people into the building 15 minutes before the meeting or text Carol at 604 704-9314 to let you in. There are four, single occupancy, washrooms without gender markings on the fifth floor. Two of these washrooms are wheelchair accessible. There will be light snacks available at the meeting.  You are welcome to bring something to share.