Youth Slam Standings (after Nov 2013)

A reminder that all poets who make the second round at the youth slam earn points towards making the youth slam playoffs on FRIDAY MARCH 21st.  There are also 2 key eligibility requirements for making the youth team.  You MUST SLAM AT LEAST TWICE during the season and you CANNOT be turning 23 years of age BEFORE September 1st, 2014.

Here are the results from November

1st—51.6 points  Andrew Warner earning 16 points
2nd–50.6 points  Max  earning 9 points
3rd—50.5 points  Mariah Dear earning 5 points
4th—48.5 points  Willow  earning 3 points
5th—47.3 points   Brenda Kent earning 1 point

Here are the overall standings through November

21 points  Victoria Fraser
16 points  Siling
16 points  Marcus Tromboy
16 points  Scout
16 points  Andrew Warner
14 points  Mariah Dear
12 points  Melissa Illing
09 points  Max
09 points  Allegra
09 points  Jacob Gebrewold
07 points  Brenda Kent
05 points  Taryn Pearcey
05 points  Angela Sun
03 points  Willow
03 points  Babak
03 points  Paige Wilson
03 points  Chelsea Mulligan
01 point   Maya Rosheen
01 point   Jean Lee
01 point   Courtenay Schultz