Victoria Karoline

Victoria is an artist, an entrepreneur, and a student of psychology. She is a queer poet and performer from Treaty 6 Territory who moved to unceded territory in Vancouver in 2021 for graduate studies at the Adler University. Her writing offers evocative, sometimes poignant, sometimes playful, social commentary on modern relationships, mental health, and current social issues. Victoria was one of the poets that comprised the Saskatoon’s slam teams that competed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in 2018 and 2019. Her art is often multidisciplinary, mixing written and spoken word with visual art, videography, and dance. She is an experienced mentor and educator, having taught mindful movement and emotion management sessions for youth at after-school programs in the city, writing workshops for teens in northern communities, and various other workshops for all ages. Victoria is also a skilled editor and she has several online article and video publications and a self-published chapbook.