Truth Is…

As a Black, Queer, mother, warrior,  poet, Truth Is … takes an unique approach to talking about the intricacies of life. Their intersectional approach allows for the audience to explore experiences, through an empathetic and compassionate lens, fostering empowerment, community, and resistance from shame.

Truth Is … has been on a dozen national slam teams since 2006. They are current co-artistic director of not-for-profit arts organization Guelph Spoken Word and has also been the past recipient of the 2018 National Poet of Honour distinction, the Min Sook Lee Labour Arts Awards and Guelph’s Top 40 under 40 

Currently, Truth Is …  is set to debut their long awaited “A Portrait of Palinoia” project, a celebration of the beauty, distinctiveness and magic of Black women in 2023.

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