Sana Janjua

Sana Janjua is a poet, playwright and a performer. Her poetry expresses the experience of loneliness and pathos of (forced) migration and exile. Her monologue ‘Smaller Names’ explores the dynamics of silencing of women’s voices/stories, and the trauma and shame they endure as they speak. As well, her poems and monologues focus on the invalidating environments produced by neoliberalism. Sana’s writings are published online at The Laaltain, Uddari Weblog and Mayanaam, and she has presented her poems and monologues at various cultural and literary events. Sana is now working on a full-length play and a chapbook of her poetry and essays. She is a co-founder, a past President, and the current Secretary of Surrey Muse Board of Directors. A Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Sana enjoys working in the field of mental health.


Surrey Muse and Open Mic, May 3