Rat Salad

Rat Salad, the band, the myth, the legend! The band first crawled forth from the primordial sludge of The Great Recession for the inaugural Mashed Poetics in May 2009 and lo and behold, the recession ended! Now, 12 years later they return for the 50th anniversary Mashed Sabbath show ready to crush the Global Pandemic under their heels. Spillious the ridiculous one, the only person present for all 50 Mashed shows, returns to lead the group with virus melting guitar wizardry and the voice of an angel or perhaps a shrieking crow. This time around they are joined by the rhythm section from Hazel Blackburn, Vancouver’s finest purveyors of Godzilla rock. Neil Homulos, a veteran of 28 Mashed Poetics shows, will beat your pandemic blues away on the drums and Shawn Penner provides the thumping bass line antidotes. No need to worry about when you’ll get the vaccine, Rat Salad has the cure, metal, metal and MORE METAL!