Mitcholos is a First Nations artist from a tiny reservation with no hopes or aspirations that anybody would chase if they had a MODICUM of sanity; which is convenient ’cause after 500 years of degradation, sanity is in woefully short supply; which makes his people fun. One Housekeeping Note: Be sure to wipe your white tears during and after the show. Though they be potent, are worth nothing. Until you invent technology that runs strictly on white tears — technology that doesn’t destroy the environment or enslave colored children somewhere — it’s worth nothing here, beyond sating and stroking Mitcholos’ own exhibitionist, histrionic ego. Enjoy.

 April 22nd: Jangle & Shout: HullaVerses Remixer 2 pm Wise Hall

April 22nd: Buffy Sainte-Marie and Special Guests 8 pm Wise Hall