Lexi Marie

Lexi Marie is a prolific poet and vocalist, who combines the essence of soul and folk with an R&B kiss. Influenced by strong female artists like Mavis Staples, Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill, Lexi draws from her struggles and vulnerabilities, making a point of delivering bold, and honest messages of strength and resilience to defeat. Raised in Victoria BC, much of her youth was spent living in foster homes, group homes, and youth shelters all while struggling with addiction and the gritty residue of an abusive childhood. Poetry became her only reprieve which eventually led her to create the truth infused music her audiences connect with today. When Lexi Marie sings it’s like a sunrise, something to look forward to, bringing light to even the darkest of days. Lexi has performed with 2014 World Poetry Slam Champion Ikenna ‘Open Secret’ Onyegbula and East Vancouver’s C.R. Avery among many others. She is currently writing her first solo album, scheduled to be released later this year.

April 30th: Word Circus