Larry Nicholson

Hailing from *Mascwacis AB (formerly known as Hobbema), Larry Nicholson is a Cree wordsmith and poem-maker and all-round art guy – variously known as Larry Von Larry, the Champ, The Brown Town Crier, Bruno Gerussi, Mayor of Larrytown and THE hardest working man in show-business…Larry’s a one-off, he’s what the cat dragged in AND the cat’s ass – often mistaken for the coolest cat in town…tryna write poems to make women swoon and strong men lose their minds is not a choice, it’s a compulsion and THAT makes him prisoner to the creative endeavor…Larry is a freedom fighter by day and aspiring song-writer, composer of verse by night troweling the bowels of his imagination for you, for the elegant turn of phrase and for that limb-lifting, earth-shifting morsel of soul food, yes, for poetry…he’s really glad to have been spotted by Arsey Dubya (sp?) amid the wilderness and looks forward to focusing on the majestic groove-locating power of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn.

April 25th: Mashed Poetics 9:30 pm Wise Hall