Kay’la Fraser

“Life’s a series of exquisite, complex moments masterfully knit together. Kay’la Fraser’s work dares to tug at the strings to reveal how they’re all connected. She is a passionate, free spirited and dedicated award-winning spoken word artist, published poet, arts educator and yogini based in Peterborough, ON. For over 10 years, Kay’la has worked in the greater arts community. Through public performance and education, program development and outreach, she strives to create an accessible and inclusive space in which beings are entertained, inspired and challenged. Kay’la is a firm believer that art is a powerful form of expression, as well as a catalyst for change. Her work aims to bridge the gap between the barriers that exist socially and economically in order to usher us all to a place of healing, acceptance and transformation.”

April 25: Mashed Poetics: Couldn’t Stand the Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble 9:30 – Midnight Wise Hall