Jeremiah Gittens

Jeremiah is a multidisciplinary visual and performance artist. They are a settler born and raised on Lekwungen territories, and have spent the last three years in Tiohti:áke. Jeremiah is mixed race of celtic and afro-caribbean descent, trans-masculine, neurodivergent, and disabled. They use their art and poetry to build worlds in which they, and their peers, have the space to explore the depths and nuances of the intersections that comprise personal identity. Jeremiah believes art is an alchemical process which allows one to transmute their deepest anguishes and turmoils into fertile ground upon which the seeds of our most expansive desires can be planted. Having performed both nationally and international over the last 10 years, Jeremiah is thrilled to return to the Hullabaloo stage and contribute to a festival that was a formative experience for them as a young poet.