Jacob Gebrewold

TLDR: Two Ethiopian refugees raised a rapping competitive debater who works in technology sales. The Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam helped raise Jacob, catapulting him towards a life of owning his weirdness and getting paid to listen to, understand and say words. Since Jacob once got fired from a warehousing job for “competence reasons”, he is somewhat-reasonably convinced that people-ing and wordsmithing are the only ways he can afford to survive. Now, Jacob works as an Account Executive at the Vancouver tech-startup called Klue. He also helps run “Sales for the Culture”, a community of 650+ Black technology sales pros who are help Black people break into and succeed in a tech sales career. (Tech sales is basically like being a business-therapist who listens to peoples’ work problems and prescribes them technology that will help.) If you’re curious about what happens when the annoying kid who talked too much grows up, then buckle up for your next performer, Jacob Gebrewold!