David Geary

David Geary writes poetry, prose, theatre, film, television and haiku on twitter @gearsgeary. He teaches in the IDF Indigenous Digital Filmmaking program at Capilano University and at the Playwrights Theatre Centre. He grew up immersed in the Polynesian trickster tales of Maui in New Zealand and is now honoured to live, work and play in the lands of the Coyote and Raven tricksters of Turtle Island/Canada. David’s recent work includes short plays for Climate Change Theatre Action and short fiction for Bawaajigan: Stories of Power from Exile. He’s a dramaturg/dramanerd/scriptnurse for theatre, TV and film, most recently with WIFTV – Women in Film and Television. David is mostly a heavy metal virgin. When he first heard the phrase: “Throw some horns!” he thought it referred to pumping up the brass section. That said, he is a fan of Maori heavy metal band – Alien Weaponry, who reimagine historic battles in the te reo Maori language. Also, a close friend was kicked out of high school for holding a Black Sabbath in the Senior Common room but it was really just a misunderstanding between a goat’s head mascot and a nun having a bad day…Sir.