Cha’qua’wet – Willie Charlie

Cha’qua’wet – Willie Charlie

Willie Charlie married to Anna, for thirty-six years.

They have three sons William, Ryan (Margaret ) and Darcy, they have three grandsons Jeremy, Baby Ryan, and Angelo. Born and raised in Sts’ailes by his parents William & Pat Charlie, Willie is the second eldest of six.

Many Respected Elders, in particular his grandfather Jimmy Charlie and Uncle (Buster) Sylvester Joe taught Willie the history of his people.

Cha’qua’wet uses his knowledge of Sts’ailes history, culture, and traditions as a voice for the Sts’ailes people, His leadership and vision is recognized broadly, he is regularly called upon by many communities and organizations throughout the Lower Mainland to speak at special ceremonies and gatherings.

Willie enjoys sharing his knowledge with young people, and especially likes travelling with the Sasquatch Dance Group, where his children and Grand children share songs, dances and stories from Sts’ailes.

Willie races canoes, played soccer, and Ball Hockey.

Soccer was clearly his favourite sport, Willie coached and managed the Chehalis Chiefs Soccer team for 30+ plus years. Through soccer, Willie travelled and competed in many other countries including Sweden, Denmark, England, and USA.

In 1988, Willie played for the Canadian National team at the World Futsal Championships in Australia.

Willie has been involved with community politics serving on Council for 12 years and, Chief for 6 years.

Today Willie is the Chief Administration Officer and Chief Negotiator for Sts’ailes.

Chief Willie Charlie Speaks