Andre Prefontaine

At the age of 32 Andre Prefontaine has never contributed to an RRSP, maintains ten-years of sobriety, studies astrology, is becoming misanthropic, and believes in ghosts because all the pieces of him that have died have got to go somewhere. Obtaining external forms of validation to remedy internal strife, Andre Prefontaine succeeded in winning a total of seven Slam Poetry championship titles. Two-time C.F.S.W winner (once as team captain and once as a coach), two consecutive Underground championships win, two Haiku Deathmatch titles, and one C.I.P.S championship which allowed him the chance to represent Canada at the “Coupe Du Monde” world cup of Slam in Paris, France where, midway through the competition, he realized he was a vampant, empty shell seeking other people’s approval and thus losing the self-important drive which had seen him to that point. He did place fourth, though. 

More recently, Andre Prefontaine has become a board member for the “Black Sheep Collective”, an arts market in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, which he moved back to after losing his apartment in Toronto as a result of a break-up, only to be chased out of Wellington, Ontario, by a group of white supremacists shortly thereafter. No joke, that’s literally what happened. As a result he is drafting a book about the whole ordeal while fulfilling Christopher Hitchins definition of a Curmudgeon. Regardless, his humor has remained dry, his wit has stayed sharp, and his heart still tender wherever the callouses fail to reach.

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