Amal Rana

Amal Rana is an interdisciplinary poet, educator and queer Muslim futurist. In these times when even exhaling while being Muslim is considered a crime, she conjures poetry as an act of sedition and collective liberation. Her work is informed by a proud legacy of ghazals, love and freedom fighters. Amal’s poems have been published and performed widely.

Recent collaborations of love include: Tomorrow Is Ours – Interdisciplinary Writing Series on BIPOC futurisms, Breaking the Fast: Annual Arts Showcase for Muslim women and Queer and Trans Muslims and a Spoken Word/Contemporary Dance series for immigrant and refugee youth.

April 23rd: Jangle & Shout HullaVerses Remixer

April 26th: Mashed Poetics: Spice by the Spice Girls

April 28th: Radical (Re)Imaginings: Visions of Queer Future Workshop

April 29th: Radical (Re)Imaginings: Visions of Queer Future Showcase