We are hiring an Artistic Director

The position will be open until filled. We will review applications on May 13, 2022


The Artistic Director (AD) has overarching artistic control over all of Vancouver Poetry House’s programs and initiatives. The Artistic Director develops new artist directions, nurtures and coordinates the growth of VPH’s artistic vision, and executes creative deliverables.

As a leader in the organization, and working closely with the General Manager (GM), the AD curates and oversees programs, shows, festivals, and events. The AD represents Vancouver Poetry House through community outreach, publicity, publishing, marketing, and enhancement of stakeholder relationships.

Compensation is based on 90 hours a month at the hourly rate of $23.89. However some months will be far busier than others. Compensation is regular though the workload differs seasonally. This is a one-year renewable contract position paying $2,150 a month for total compensation of $25,800.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Artistic Vision & Programming
    • Develops, expands, and maintains the artistic vision for the organization
    • Maintains the artistic integrity of VPH programs, events, workshops, gatherings, slams, etc
    • Develops new arts initiatives, and in coordination with the General Manager, prepares them for implementation
    • Develops the theme of Verses Festival of Words and for the curation of the festival
    • Ensures that programming stays in line with VPH’s mission and values
    • Regularly reports to the Board of Directors
    • Writes and presents the Artistic Director’s Report at the AGM


  • Administration and Finances
    • Works with the GM and Financial Coordinator to develop and maintain program budgets in line with the annual board budget
    • Works with the GM and Financial Coordinator in overseeing finances, engaging granting agencies and
      existing donors, and cultivating new supporters


  • Community Engagement
    • Keeps up with the larger arts community; works with the larger issues in the spoken word community in Canada and other parts of the world
    • Maintains best practices with respect to the spoken word art form
    • Engages as a creative collaborator with the larger community, embraces diversity and equality
    • Provides support and counsel for emerging artists engaged in VPH programs
    • Represents and hosts VPH at fundraising events, with community and stakeholders
    • Promotes professional development for artists


  • Collaboration
    • Works closely with Program Leaders to align the overall vision with the needs and specific histories of the individual programs
    • Works with the General Manager to implement programs as necessary
    • Develops a publicity strategy, and in concert with the GM and/or publicist, oversees the creation and implementation of promotional, funding and press materials
    • With the GM oversees program calendars and schedules
    • Makes statements, schedules and supporting materials available to the board and GM


  • Staff Management
    • Hires, trains and supports staff under the purview of the AD
    • Provides support, counsel, artistic input to production staff where requested


  • Competencies and Requirements
    • Project Management
    • Familiarity with Spoken Word poetry
    • Demonstrated success in grant writing
    • The goal of cultivating a collaborative working environment

What to Send the Hiring Committee

Something that tells us you understand and meet the requirements for the position. It can be a resume, or it can be something else.

Email ONE pdf file titled “yourname.pdf” to hiring@vancouverpoetryhouse.com

References will be requested if contacted for an interview.

What Happens Next

We will collect all applications and contact successful applicants to set up interviews. Interviews will take place online. We will review the applications on May 13, 2022


Vancouver Poetry House Statement of Values

Participatory and Cooperative

Vancouver Poetry House is a member-driven organization. We work to reduce barriers to literary art so that we can ensure accessibility and full participation for the communities we serve. We value diversity and the array of knowledge that different life experiences bring. 

Social Justice and Community

We value respectful dialogue, attempt to resolve conflict and misunderstandings in ways that respect each individual’s lived experience and act to build bridges of communication across misunderstandings. We nurture healthy, sustainable environments for the arts to thrive. We challenge systems of oppression through sharing the health-bringing arts to the wider community and by offering a place of solace and sharing to anyone who attends or takes part in our programs.

Professionalism in the Arts

We seek to develop and share myriad skills essential to living a sustainable life as an artist. VPH seeks to provide opportunities to build skills that help members fulfil their capacity for artistic development and career goals.


A sustainable literary arts community rooted in social justice where new creativity can grow from old forms.