Verses Festival of Words Active Listeners

In spoken word, be it storytelling or poetry, performers often touch on topics that may be upsetting or challenging to the listener. It is important to us at Verses Festival of Words that we not only take care of the performers who share those difficult stories, but also our audiences. To that end Verses Festival of Words is very pleased to announce the continuation of our Active Listeners initiative.

Active Listeners are vetted volunteers who are present at every festival event should attendees need someone to speak with regarding any feelings or issues that may come up over the course of the festival. Active Listeners will have a list of community resources with them at all times, there will be two listeners available at each event, and they can be identified by the neon glow-necklaces they wear during their shifts. If need be, the Active Listeners additionally act as a liaison between festival guests and the festival organizing committee.

Verses Festival of Words highly encourages attendees to utilize these volunteer services should any conflict arise, they are there to make the festival experience richer and easier for all involved. The wellness of our community is of the utmost importance to us, and having these wonderful volunteers present strengthens our ability to serve that community better. The work of these volunteers is fundamental to experience of Verses Festival of Words, we are very proud of their participation and thank them deeply for their work this year, and at past festival events.

We never tire of telling people that volunteers are at the heart of this festival, we cannot thank them enough. Feel free to thank our volunteers when you see them out and about the festival. They can never hear it enough.

With warm regards,

The Verses Festival Organizing Committee