VanSlam WOWPS 2018 Rankings

As the national PSi – Women of the World Poetry Slam (WOWPS) 2019 competition is not happening this year. We are still going to do finale playoffs and have the winner represent VanSlam!
The basic guidelines for participation in WOWps Vancouver play-offs are that if you Self Identify as a female or non-binary you are eligible to compete. All competitors should be at least 18 years of age.
Playoffs will be held January 21 at Cafe Deux Soleil
Last Chance Slam will happen January 7th
We will be using a points system to qualify poets to compete. You get points for every poet you beat at a Vancouver Poetry Slam between September and December regardless of their gender. You get 1 point no matter what if you decide to be the sacrificial poet at the VanSlam. You get 1 point no matter what just for participating. Alt slams and youth slams don’t count for points. The more you compete, the more points you get and the better chance you have of being one of the top 8.
You can review the rules here
Jessie Fenton – 11 points
Spillious – 11 point
Catherine Garrett – 8 points
Emily Kelsall – 6 points
Rabbit Richards – 5 points
LJ – 5 points
Frankie McGee – 3 points
Christine Bissonnette – 3
Jaymie Clench – 2 points
Natalia – 2 points
Kay Kassirer – 2 points
Isabella – 2 point
Rhianna – 1 point
(please double check my work for mistakes and tell me