VanSlam Summer Season (May 9th) 2016

So! A new qualifying season is underway to determine which poet will have a chance to become the next Vancouver Poetry Slam Individual Champion.

It’s crucial to understand the points system. You can read about how it works for qualifying for the summer slams

The points system should become clear very quickly as the season progresses and we start posting
results. With that in mind, here are the results from this week’s slam.

May 9th 2016

Sac: Rafay Ansari

Jamie R

Brandon Zhu

Coral More (Second! 9 points)




Lox Dixon

Sonder (First! 16 points)

Griffen (Third! 4 points)

Emory Oakley



Updated Standings for the 2016 Van Slam Individual Champion Playoffs
The top 9 poets plus the winner of the Last Chance Slam
qualify for the Playoffs in September

1. Rafay Ansari 16 points

2. Sonder 16 points

3. Savannah Pulfer 9 points

4. Coral More 9 points

5. Kay Kassirer 4 points

6. Griffen 4 points

As always, double check my work and see if you find anything wrong