Mashed Poetics

At Mashed Poetics, poets are asked to write new poems based on songs from a featured music album.  This iteration of Mashed Poetics features Spillious on acoustic guitar, performing the songs on the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me. Doors: 6:50 PM / Start 7:00 / on Zoom / … Continued

The 10 Best Poems of 2014

While there have been many lists made of 2014’s notable poetry books, what has been most notable is a lack of focus on the poems themselves. If you set aside the reputations and the awards, which poems threaten to become unforgettable?

This list is one answer to that question, roaming through many kinds of poetry from lyric to conceptual, literary to spoken word, structured metre to sound poetry. It is, however, by no means definitive nor comprehensive. It’s simply the poems that – in our utterly subjective judgment – are the most likely to be discussed for years to come.