OpenSecret Stands Above

On April 23rd, 2011, the first Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Championship concluded with its final bout. 32 poets began in this competition, and 12 advanced to finals after two days of preliminary bouts.

Those poets were: Sasha Langford, Francis Arevalo, Lucia Misch, Zaccheus Jackson, Mary Pinkowski, Eytan Crouton, Jillian Christmas, Johnny MacRae, Truth Is, Khodi Dill, Open Secret, and Aaron Simm.

Finals was a three round bout. After each round, the lower-scoring poets were eliminated. In round one, twelve poets competed. Eight advanced to round two. Four advanced to round three.

The final four were: Sasha Langford, Lucia Misch, OpenSecret and Zaccheus Jackson.

Open Secret from Ottawa took the highest score in the final round and thus became the 2011 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam Champion.

Full scores here.