Ode to East Van by Libby Davies

Libby Davies, our MP, is not only a fabulous representative for East Vancouver in the House of Commons, but she included a poem in her opening remarks at our festival opening ceremony on Monday. She was met with thunderous applause.

Ode to East Van

The Drive is awash
people, Stakeboards,
Brother can you spare a dime
Smell the fair trade,
I mean coffee, washing over
Until we’re soaking aroma

Brother can you spare a dime
I mean toonie
Dogs gotta eat
Homeless and community meet

Brother can you spare a dime
Million dollar houses
Shine til the blossoms fall
Don’t forget the roots
Working class for all
Solidarity forever
May Day, Queer Day, Car Free Day
Peddle your feet
Brother can you spare a dime
Is an election a feat
Or fate or a crime
To some who see an imposition
What’s your position?

Say No to Harper, Barker, Darker,
Prorogation doesn’t work for the Nation

East Van alive, The Drive, thrive
I’m running to know
What do YOU know
May second, May 2
May after May Day

May we all
Go with courage to support
Our community