Final Standings from Prelims

After two evenings of astounding poetry, the results are in. These numbers do little to convey the courage and beauty of all of the poems presented, but it is an essential part of this crazy thing called poetry slam. Many members of the old guard of the Vancouver slam scene were in attendance, and they were all floored by the energy and originality of the work presented. Zaccheus Jackson put it best when he said “I come to these slams to see the future” and the future looks bright indeed.
Beside each team is a ranking of where they finished in their day one and two bouts. Beside that, is the number of points they were behind the winning team. Individual rankings works the same way. The first number beside their name is where they ranked in their two bouts and the P/d number next to that indicates how far they were behind the winning poet. Final standings are determined by each team or poet’s cumulative ranking. P/d (point differential) is used to break any ties. See the rules for full details.
Highlighted individuals are advancing to Indies Finals on Friday, April 13th (Farrah will be the calibration poet). Highlighted teams are advancing to Team Finals on Saturday, April 14th

The full scores from each bout for the points nerds: Hullabaloo-scores-final-prelim-rankings.pdf