End the year helping Hullabaloo!


The year is coming to a quick close and the pressure to do things is mounting even higher.  If one of the things you’ve overlooked doing is beefing up the Charitable Donation portion of your income tax deductions you still have a couple of days to do it.  If you feel like making a donation to Vancouver Poetry House and specifically Hullabaloo the BC Youth Poetry Slam Championships here is a link that can help you.   https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/vancouver-poetry-house-society/

Any amount over $25 can get you a tax receipt for next year’s tax form and hopefully lessen the amount you have to pay to the government.  Fight back by being charitable.  And I know times are tight so please feel no pressure or obligation to donate we just wanted to put it out there to see if we could all benefit.

As I mentioned Hullabaloo is the BC Youth Poetry Slam Championships with workshops and specialty showcases as well as the High School Team Slam Championships that happens every April in Vancouver.  This year we will be hosting the event in association with the Vancouver Public Library from April 23-25th.  The money we raise helps to pay the poets, cover or features travel costs and secure our infrastructure for coming years. www.youthslam.ca

I wish you all the best in the new year and I appreciate all the many other ways that you support VPH and Hullabaloo throughout the calendar year that isn’t just monetarily.  You are excellent and generous already.

Thanks so much.

Randy Jacobs/RC Weslowski

Co Director: Hullabaloo

Curator: Vancouver Youth Poetry Slam