Cliffs Notes: Mike Mcgee

To get you prepped for the onslaught of artistic awesomeness that’s coming your way in April, we’re running a series highlighting our amazing performers. Because you are busy and important, we’ll keep it short. 100 words or less, (almost) everything you need to know.

Name: Mighty Mike McGee
Hails from: everywhere, via Bellingham, Washington
Best loved for: a mighty appetite, an uncanny relationship with ladybugs, several tattoos and siblings, and a passable Scottish accent
CV: National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Champion, Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, performer in thousands of venues all over North America, one of the first Americans ever to perform poetry at the University la Sorbonne in Paris, France.
Quotable moment: “Everyday I rewrite her name across my ribcage/
so that those who wish to break my heart/
will know who to answer to later.”
Go see: Speak Bloody 
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