Final Team Standings

After Amy Everhart received a standing ovation for her feature set, we finished up the festival with the Team Finals bout. The scores were very tight and the poetry was on point. In the end, this is how it shook out: First place: Words Worth Wording (aka Port Moody Secondary) … Continued

Rankings after Day Two

The bouts keep getting more intense as we approach the end of prelims. Here are the final team rankings. The four teams in bold advance to Team Finals Night. The first number is the team’s finish in their first bout, the second number is their finish in the second bout. … Continued

Rankings after Day One

Wow. It has been a heckuva Hullabaloo. Here are the standings after day one. The first number represents the ranking in the school’s bout. The second number is the point differential the team was from winning their bout, which is only important in a tie-breaking situation. Pearson College – 1 (0.0) … Continued