Day One Team Results & First Underground Indies Champ

Astorino’s and The Prophouse Café were bouncing with excitement. After the first day of the team competition, the standings look like this: All the school teams have given themselves funky nicknames, as you can tell. The teams are ranked by their placing in each bout. The first level tiebreaker is … Continued

Registration Opens for Hullabaloo 2014

Registration for the 4th annual Hullabaloo is now open. The festival will run April 24–26 at Astorino’s, a venue run by our new sponsor, the Brittania Community Centre. It will be filled with amazing feature poets, workshops, All-Star Slams, 16 teams of youth poets, and plenty of community spirit! Teams … Continued

Dates Announced for Hullabaloo 2014

Hullabaloo returns for its 4th annual youth spoken word festival on April 24–26 at Vancouver’s Brittania Community Centre. This centre is at the heart of Vancouver’s spoken word community on Commercial Drive. All teams that registered for Hullabaloo 2013 will be given a chance to pre-register for Hullabaloo 2014 from … Continued