VanSlam Summer Season (Sept. 5th) 2016

Congratulations to all who competed in our summer season! On Sept 5th we reached the last regular slam of the summer season which will determine the poet will have a chance to become the next Vancouver Poetry Slam Individual Champion.

It’s crucial to understand the points system. You can read about how it works for qualifying for the summer slams

The points system should become clear very quickly as the season progresses and we start posting results. With that in mind, here are the results from our final regular summer slam.
Sept 5th 2016
Sac: Holly
Francis (Second! 9 points)
Julia Pileggi (First! 16 points)
Jesse Code (Third! 4 points)

Updated Standings for the 2016 Van Slam Individual Champion Playoffs. The top 9 poets plus the winner of the Last Chance Slam
qualify for the Playoffs.

Poets with a star beside their name will be competing in the Individual Slam Payoff this Wed. Sept 14th at Cafe Deux Soleils. Best of luck to all!
1. Sonder 73 points *
2. Savannah Pulfer 52 points *
3. Mitcholos Touchie 32 points *
4. Coral More 26 points  – not competing
5. Julia Pileggi 25 points *
6. Matt J Loeb 20 points *
7. Bryant 18 points – not competing
8. Spillious 16 points* 
9. Pamela Bentley 16 points*  
10. Valeen Jules 16 points *
11. Rafay Ansari 16 points – not competing
12. Jubilee 16 points – not competing
13. Jillian Christmas 16 points – not competing
14. Griffin 13 points – not competing
15. Jamie 9 points*
16. Santiago Ureña 9 points
17. Jessie Read 9 points
18. C-Command 9 points
19. Francis A. 9 points
20. Q 4 points
21. Rachel Taylor 4 points
22. Chris Coutts 4 points
23. Stephen Meads 4 points
24. Adam Anadia 4 points
25. Timo 4 points
26. Johnny MacRae 4 points
27. Shayne avec i grec 4 points
28. Kay Kassirer 4 points
29. Jesse Code 4 points
As always, double check my work and see if you find anything wrong.
The final poet competing on Wed will be decided by the Last Chance Slam on Monday Sept 12th. Anyone who has not already qualified for playoffs can sign up to compete, as long as you arrive on time. Signup begins at 7 pm. See you there!