On Tuesday November 15th, the Vancouver Poetry Slam Family will be meeting to decide many things pertaining to the future of the poetry slam and who will be looking after it in the coming months, years,etc.

Where: Brittania community centre, 1661 Napier Street

Thus far the agenda will include


1) A financial report on the slam for the previous year by Sean.
2) Review of the current points system and presentation by the current Rules Committee.
3) A report on the 2011 Van Slam team (by a yet to be determined slam team member) and the outgoing slammasters.
4) A quick report on the Van Slam Team contract and whether it is necessary moving forward by the two outgoing slammasters.

An Update on the Awards Committe and the construction of the Van Slam Trophies by Sean
6) Report on PSI events/new by casino online Duncan.
7) Report on Spocan events/news by Sean.
8 ) Report on Hullabaloo by Chris.
9) Information on Canadian Indies and VIP by Sean.
10) Information on VPH

and how one can be part of VPH and the benefits therein.

11) A proposal for a new show (non competitive) by Sean.
12) An idea/motion put forward by the VPH board as to its relationship with the Van Slam (to be fleshed out by the VPH board shortly).
13) Elections of both slammaster positions (Duncan Shields and myself are not running for re-election but will be carrying on until after April 2012).
14) Elections of Rules Committee positions for the next two years.

New Business

Again, there is no proxy voting

at this event so if you wish to have a hand in making decisions or if you want to run for one of the positions, you must attend. Remember, Van Slam generates over $45,000.00 per year in revenue and those who attend this meeting decide on the direction the slam moves in the future. Whether we continue to attend NPS, CFSW, IWPS and Wowps or change how teams or individuals attend said festivals could be discussed at this meeting.

The meeting starts at 7 PM and I have booked time till 10 PM.

And if you are interested in running for either of the slammaster positions or one of the three Rules Committee positions (the other two are held by the slammasters) then please contact Duncan or myself no later than November 7th. Late notices will not be accepted and Duncan and I will add job descriptions to all the positions shortly.

I hope you”re all well,


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