"Black His Story" by Scruffmouth

From under the griot tree the groundhog arose . . .
. . . and this is how his story goes . . .
His story has always been pure as snow and clear as rain.
Clearly, his story was written, recorded, and remembered to be right
and white as he is

His story is not finished,
the story tellers continue to diminish our exposure to the gory details that are nonetheless real.

Shield yourselves from the sun
wear sunscreen and all of that shit

Shitstory is made up of pointy white hoods telling falsehoods and passing them into law
Shitstory is no more than picking a nigger to string up
His story is bullshit
in the form of chronological sequence with the realness removed to make him look good
even though his face is still hidden by a pointy white hood.

Invisible like the Man who would remember soon enough when they let him out of the machine.
Invisible like the hand of Big Brother reaching down to smother
the words that we wail
or the songs that we speak

I was here, but I disappear.
I am everywhere.

I am an impossible existence made possible by the spirit of persistence.
I am an impossibility that was eradicated, annihilated, and still I rise from a past that has been vapourized.

"You heard we quit? No way, bullshit. I told you before I come back with more hits, I provide right flav..."our story is misconstrued,
Confused, Infused, and Abused by his story.
by my story's a mystery when used in place of his story.

In this atrocious condition we concede to the cowardly volition of historical tradition.
The imposition being that we were separated, lost, forgotten, and freed somewhere along the way
but since "freedom is slavery"
we are still subjugated today.

So when we rise up and see our dark shadows,
we know what is to be done
during the six weeks of optic white winter that hide us from the sun.

Continually, they avert their eyes,
waiting from Spring to arrive.

But seasons are reversed
so they shiver from the frigid breath of the earth
and hyporthermic evil cannot be nursed back to health.

Blackness may be cursed
but the sickness will swiftly target the wickedness of power and wealth
and those were last shall soon be the first.

The first of the month is a yesterday of birth
signified by the magnificent amethyst and a strong black fist

Born from her story that his story denied
we respond to the question of prejudice with pride.

And all seasonal synchronicity aside,
how can our story be adequately displayed during a month of merely 28 days?

Black History?

Black His Story is an oxymoron,
but it nuh easy fi see

when truth is expensive and ignorance is free.

From Scruffmouth: "That was the first poem I ever penned with the intention of performing at a slam, way back in 2003/2004 in anticipation of the Black History Month Slam on February 2nd, 2004 which was a day after my birthday. I share my birthday with notable poets such as Langston Hughes, Saul Williams & Big Boi from Outkast, so I write with the intention of divine intervention."

Kevan Cameron is a writer, a poet and a creator. He is also known as Scruffmouth, the reigning Grand Champion of the 2008 Vancouver Poetry Slam. His work deals with the Black experience throughout history and connecting the dots of the past, present and future. Scruffmouth is a hip-hop griot and has a diverse style of spoken word art ranging from dub poetry, rap artistry and slam poetry.

His poems have been published in We Have A Voice: An Anthology of African & Caribbean Student Writing, and Blood Ink: A University of Alberta Literary Journal. Kevan Cameron attended Simon Fraser University on a soccer scholarship, and graduated with a Bachelor's of General Studies and a Certificate in Liberal Arts.

When he is not playing or coaching the beautiful game, he may be working in the film industry or trying to find new ways to achieve creative freedom.

Scruffmouth has performed his poetry in motion pictures and television as well as on spoken word stages from Nairobi to New York, Halifax to Denver. He is the founder and creative director of the Black Dot Roots & Culture Collective, a group of artists and professionals committed to the education, creation and celebration of the Black experience at home and abroad.

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