VPH Values

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Complaint Process

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Policy Manual

On April 7, 2019 at the general membership meeting (EGM), new by-laws were enacted. The new by-laws are now posted on this website.

The new (and as yet unfinished) policy manual is a large part of the VPH organization model.

In the next few days a link will be posted here. The policy manual will always be available to the membership at large.

Committees will start up right after Verses 2019 completes. We strongly encourage members to join. It is these committees that will craft the version of the policy manual that will guide us through the next few years of important decision making.

Committees will include (but not be limited to):

  • Membership, rights and obligations
  • Harm-reduction in community and board/staff decision-making
  • Accessibility, making it a year round concern
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Helping artists become professionals

If you have a concern, and one of these committees doesn’t deal with it, email the board at admin@vancouverpoetryhouse.com.

Planning Month

Every June, starting in 2019, is VPH planning month.

We have a strategic planning document that covers a 3-year period. During June, the board, the staff and interested members will meet regularly to decide how to move forward.

If you have ideas, let us know, or better yet, join us in the June meetings.